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I realize I am not that well known on Newgrounds, but for those of you who are reading this, i am making my first album, and it is almost half way done. The album will have 8 songs on it. I currently am just putting the finishing touches on the third song. Me and my friend (who does not have his own newgrounds account) are Client-7, the makers of the songs. I uploaded 2 of my songs to newgrounds within the past week, it has been about 5 days actually, and they have not yet been uploaded by newgrounds. Since i am new to submitting audio, apparently my songs have to be reviewed by a moderator or something, who works on a volunteer basis... so... yeah, god only knows when it will be uploaded, but please keep an eye out for my music and review! when me and my friend get good enough, we're planning on going professional, we have connections, and can make it possible, we just need to get our skills up, who knows, you may get free albums :)